The Top Ten Creepiest 2 Sentence Stories


The Top 10 Creepiest Two Sentence Stories

Are you feeling like you could use a little bit more creepiness in your life? A few months ago, an Ask Reddit thread asked users to come up with the scariest short two sentence stories they could imagine. It did not take long for the thread to take off and for people to turn their lights on.

Take cover under a blanket and relish in the creepiness that these top 10 two sentence horror stories provide, because it is quite a bit. A big thank you to Imgur user Watermelonmoose for turning the stories into images, which only make them that much creepier.

The Top 10 Creepiest Two Sentence Stories


The Top 10 Creepiest Two Sentence Stories


The Top 10 Creepiest Two Sentence Stories


The Top 10 Creepiest Two Sentence Stories


The Top 10 Creepiest Two Sentence Stories


The Top 10 Creepiest Two Sentence Stories


The Top 10 Creepiest Two Sentence Stories


The Top 10 Creepiest Two Sentence Stories


The Top 10 Creepiest Two Sentence Stories


The Top 10 Creepiest Two Sentence Stories

By Wartortlesthebestest

The Closer



If I may I would like to offer an observation. I had been reading for quite awhile about the TSA and the DHS as well as the police being militarized and the other agencies groping and stopping traffic and making unecessary searches of people.  I recently read about some people who were detained at the airport and eventually released for basically no reason other than the TSA were taking advantage of their ability to do so without repercussions.  I had read about the DHS having actually stopped traffic on the highway to check ID’s not for any particular reason other than national security.

I read more about police detaining someone in the jail for no reason other than walking too close to a door while waiting to visit someone in jail.  That person was eventually released but no charges were made and life went on.  I’ve read that the TSA has told passenger’s at airports and train stations “if you don’t like it then don’t fly, or take the train” meaning the searchs and the delays its caused for no particular reason.

I’ve read about people complaining about being denied their constitutional rights as Americans.  There have been so many stories that are more of the same written today in the mainstream press of people becoming fed up with all this nonsense and its no wonder.  It’s tough being white in America.  All of these stories I’ve read were white people who’s rights have been violated and it was news worthy.  It amazes me that it is a story worth telling let alone listening to.

People, people of color have been telling the same story since… you fill in the blank.  Moreover, people have been saying “what have they got to complain about things aren’t as they were, they need to get over it”.  Yet, people of noncolor are complaining more than ever and it is now news worthy. It isn’t anything that hasn';t been going on, it isn’t something that we haven’t seen or felt or had to live with.  Whats the big deal, people?  I always get harassed walking down the street, because I just happen to look like this burglar that frequents all the same neighborhoods I do, just my luck.  I amassed one hundred thousand dollars in traffic tickets, all for driving while suspended, and failure to appear. No speeding or illegal turn, and there was no bullshit when it came to going to court, there didn’t have to be any justifiable  reason to be pulled over when i was driving, it was never a matter of that and I couldn’t get that in front of the judge if I lit myself on fire.  I’m not looking for pity nor am I looking to get someone to understand what it is that being a person of color has to live with, that is something that you have to endure on a personal level otherwise all you can do is empathize and go home and close the door.  I know I tried to do that but everytime I stepped out on to the otherside of that door, there was and is a good possibility may be the day that I go to jail.  What for?  I don’t know, maybe there will be a clue in why I was under 24 hour surveillance with a fucking lasor microphone pointed at my window for better than 9 months.  If I didn’t do anything then what have I got to be worried about, right? my response to that is “fuck you”. 


Its gotten uglier out there in certain respects these days, I suppose because people of color aren’t the only ones targeted and unfortunately others have to get a small taste and knowing what that is, I wouldn’t wish that on anyone.  I wouldn’t expect anything to change between the races but maybe for some people they will take a good look at themselves and admit they misunderstood all along and can now sort of begin to understand what it is that people of color have been talking about and maybe they will do something about it, maybe we all will do something about it.  What would we do? I don’t know I’m out of fresh ideas, any of you new comers got any ideas you want to share?



My first post of the year and happy new year to all and hopefully this year will be as stellar as you wish….

Now to get down to a little business… I think most of you have heard of Justin Bieber.  And most of you have heard about his antics.  On a personal level it all seems pretty innocuous and being a 19 year old spoiled rich brat thats famous I can’t say that I wouldn’t act the same.  I’m confident that I wouldn’t have but what I’m sayin is it coulda happened you never know.

But from a person who believes that the law is the law and what’s good for the goose is good for the duck it’s time we say goodbye to our little friend….

I’ve known someone who was incarcerated because she wasn’t considered an american citizen.  She was brought into america when she was something like 8 years old.  She eventually married when she was 18 to a citizen and her husband didn’t help her get her citizenship papers.  No, it wasn’t an arranged marriage, they were married for almost 20 years. She was in deportation hearings for almost ten years or something like that…. But eventually she was locked up and getting ready to get shipped out when I got involved.  I was fortunate enough to find some law and we won the case and she got her papers.  But during that time period I learned a lot about immigration law.  and there’s this thing called “Moral Turpitude”, it’s basically behavior that is contrary to the standards of conduct or contrary to community standards, and the like.

I am sure you all have at one point or another have heard about the illegal aliens and all that business.  Some are here seeking asylum and some have snuck in and some are criminals and some are just here.  It’s difficult to come down on the issue one way or another without knowing the specifics on each individual I would think and that is why we have the court and judges. 

So to pitch a bitch about how they’re stealing our jobs or are committing crimes by being here or how billy bob had to pay 4 grand to have his wife shipped over here from japan, is really not something I wish to comment on because I honestly don’t know the facts and it wouldn’t be within my own moral code to judge anyone… But… there are exceptions….

Justin Bieber is the exception… He’s 19 years old, famous, I assume rich and is acting like a brat.  Right now it’s only bratish in my book and nothing more… Criminal, I wouldn’t call throwing eggs really a criminal offense, nor would I think driving around the neighborhood in a lambo, or street draging.  I would have probably done the same at that age.  I know I drove drunk as a kid and did worse, but I’m an american and I didn’t get caught and that’s the difference.  Justin Bieber is canadian and unless he’s here for asylum, he’s got to go.  forget the criminal charges that they keep talking about, it’s all about moral turpitude dude and that’s all it takes…. So why is he still here?  Rhetorical, hit the road pal, scram, beat it, don’t let the door hit you on the way out and kick rocks pal, don’t call us we’ll call you…. Let him visit america when he’s here on business otherwise sorry pal you violated your right to be here, sir will you be so kind to hold the door for mr. bieber he’s on his way outta here!

Any way they can


One thing I can’t stand is a hypocrite, but what is worse than that is a chicken shit hypocrite. Why is it that people want to be perceived as something they themselves know they aren’t? What is it that one tells ones self?

This year the LA County Sheriff Baca was given the honor of Sheriff of the year. For those of you who do not know who Baca is, his deputies are running amok. How many times can they use “he was reaching in his waistband” and get away with it? Apparently a lot because for some reason they get away with it and ther are countless people dead. Does it worse than that, most assuredly, but that isn’t why I chose this subject.

The undersheriff who is second in command is Paul Tanaka, he is a Type A personality, who admittedly is was in a gang I believe called the Vikings. It is a gang that still exists, a gang of deputies that do what gangs do. Why they need to form a gang when they all wear a uniform is far beyond the comprehension of this author. It seems somewhat juvenile but undoubtedly dangerous. Given the fact that these adults are authorized to use lethal force and they have the maturity of teenagers who join gangs is a scary proposition. Admittedly, Tanaka is a gifted accountant, but that offers little comfort in knowing that a grown adult who is capable of being a law abiding citizen is running a gang. However, if I were to take him at his word he is no longer in the gang. So, then doesn’t that make him a gang affiliate? Isn’t there a law about that sort of thing? Irrespective of his past he admitted his association.

There has been an issue that has surfaced this year regarding the beating of inmates at the county jail, and the same with some visitors. The jailers even hid and moved an FBI informant to keep him away from the Feds when they came looking for him. There was some oversight committee at the jail I believe the ACLU or some group who were monitoring what was happening in the jail and the deputies would have the inmates strip and bendover spreading their cheeks right in front of the monitors. It wasn’t the usual operating procedure but it was done because the deputies could control the inmates to use them as part of their flipping the middle finger at the people who are attempting to ensure that the inmates weren’t being harassed or beaten and treated like jailed prisoners rather than just targets of these jailers who’s egos required fluffing by beating the inmates who had no defense and are basically without means to fight back.

It may be considered by some as par for the course for being locked up in jail, but the reality and irrespective of ones opinion that is incorrect. That behavior is not part of the job description or part of the law which the inmates are being incarcerated for. Given those that work in an office who’s boss or owner is a real douche bag, if he or she were to walk up to you and smack you because you didn’t make the numbers for the quarter is that warranted? Then why not leave, you knew the boss was like that? Its against the law and had the law stated that the guards were within the confines of the law in hitting an inmate and whatever else at their own discretion then perhaps it would be justified. But they are there to be jailers. It should be taken into consideration that these police officers are not anything special, they are not for the most part educated, they have no prospects other than to be police officers. They obviously have self esteem issues and as a result tend to overact in order to demonstrate a false sense of superiority. and given the experieinces of yours truly and from my own observations, they are seemingly intellectually inferior and that is their in lies the problem. Autonomy is not their friend but their Achilles heel and given that set of circumstances and to further prove my point, when was the last time you saw a cop take someone one on one? It doesn’t happen because they know that they are not superior or capable of standing on their own for fear of getting their selves beaten down like the humans they are. They are fragile and lack the intellect to recognize their own failures as human beings.

Which leads me to their commanders who have dodged and ran from the scandals that they themselves created. They point fingers at each other and yet stand on the podiums espousing bullshit instead of sticking up for their ownselves. What kind of true “man” is that? How and what do they really think of themselves and becasue they themsevles are like that, how do you think they would command and what type of persons do you think they would command? Who would want to vote for Baca or Tanaka knowing what they both stand for?

Given the set of circumstances and allowing for me to take indulgence, given that in my opinion that Tanaka is at the genesis of most of the notable corrupt behavior of the LASD, what kind of leader as undersheriff calling shots leaves his guys with their asses swinging in the wind? He is saying things about his boss that are very unflattering, and he is not accepting any fault or blame for anything? It just doesn’t pass the smell test you know what I mean? I’ve been in management most of my career and I ALWAYS put myself in front of the bullet for the people that worked for me, that’s just what you do. Thats taking responsibility. Being the second in command and he is mum about the goings on? So for some reason no one in his charge has anything to do but good honest solid police work? Even the LAPD chief Beck can’t say that and he’s an ethical officer. Somesing smells fishy to me…. Where is the honor in any of this type of behavior and how can anyone take this man by his word when he obviously retired coincidently at the same time fido took a crap. I guess it would be apropos in saying “the inmates are running the asylum” or I guess it would be more fitting to say “there’s no honor amongst thieves”.

Why now?


Reality dictates that just a few short years ago, entertaining the thought of a black president was a fleeting.  But I’ve heard black adults using “when you grow up you gonna be the first black president of the United States right?” which in itself was a back-handed way of telling the child, “you don’t stand a chance in this world” when all they have to say is “let’s get your homework done”.  The idea that there would be a black president was not anything people honestly thought they’d see in their lifetime.  So, when out of thin air there was a black candidate who’s last name didn’t start with a “J” or an “S”, the black folks and liberals went nuts.  All this guy had to do was not lose control and not be accused of infidelity and he would get the vote. He wasn’t preaching equality or reparations but he was an unknown and he was front and center and that was good enough.

The people immediately lost their ability to think rationally or even vote with benevolence.  I suppose people took the position that if a black man can get center stage at the convention and be a front-runner than he must have the super powers of Shaft (he’s a bad mother).  It’s indicative of why the country is in the position that it is in today, people have lost touch with their own conscience selves and rely on television commercials to tell them what they want, and newscaster to tell them what is going on in their world and trust politicians to have their best interest at heart even if they violated the terms of ethics.  As long as there is an apology, then the people will go back to what they were doing and carry on.

January 20, 2009 was not the time for America to have a black president but, no one gave it a thought when the went to cast their ballets in November. That’s how far from a truly benevolent society America is.  Sure all the right things are said but when it comes down to action, everything said goes out the window.  No one should have voted for Barrack Obama.  I assume he is capable to take on the duties of President but as America’s 44th and 1st black president I do not believe he was ready for such an endeavor.  He even bit off more than he could chew.

There was no one who was going to succeed the 43rd president and come out smelling like a rose. Americans are short-sighted and will be quick to walk into a room backwards. Sure they showed up but they’ve always got their eye on the door in case they need to exit real quick.  Look what his predecessor did and he’s taking flack for that.  No one knew this was going to occur?  If they didn’t see it coming then they need to practice looking at who is doing the talking instead of acting under the pretense of active listening.  Lets face it, if it took his predecessor 8 years to inflict the world with PTSD, how long do you think it’s going to take his successor to get everyone to lie down on the couch and respond to therapy?  Always is not necessarily a good time to accept a gift.  I know everyone was hurting, but adopted based on ethnicity and it is like watching fish getting mauled by a shark.  Sure he can swim but that doesn’t mean you put him in the shark tank alone, no one was looking out for his best interest or was that the whole idea?

Bradely / Chelsea Manning

It has come to light that Bradley Manning the whistle blower who received 35 years for his aforementioned is attempting to have an operation due to his gender conflict.  I for one have no problem with him being called Chelsea or Bradley whatever floats his boat.  I think what he did in having the documents released was what he felt was right so I have nothing to say to that.

But what I do take issue with is the fact that prior to his being incarcerated he was gender conflicted.  He obviously received security clearance to be in the position that he was in and in his having done so he was investigated.  I believe that his clearance was above need to know and perhaps top secret or above but, whatever the case he had to have been thoroughly investigated. How did they overlook something like that?  Or was it a non issue?  Does that disqualify one from receiving clearance?  It’s obviously well publicized now, I can’t imagine it was that much of a secret that it wasn’t known somewhere when he was being investigated.  I know during the process of obtaining clearance people associated with the subject are interviewed and you mean to tell me nobody was aware or said anything?  I assume it was part of the “Don’t ask, Don’t tell” policy and if it was then why is it news worthy now?  I don’t think it would be in his best interest to have this information publicized considering he’s on his way to prison. Sounds to me that someone intentionally leaked.  Who’s whistle blowing now?